Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay, Okay...I admit it. I am a seriously obsessive shopper. I don't spend much money. But when I know I have a little extra money coming, I usually have something in mind that I'd like to spend it on... For example, I have a birthday coming up. (hint-hint) And I have been obsessively shopping for the perfect black, leather purse. I don't even want to think about how much time I have spent searching for the perfect one. I want just a hint of edginess, enough classiness for my internship coming up. It needs to be big enough for diapers, wipes, notebooks, an occasional schoolbook, etc. The mix of being a mom, wannabe fashionista, and student is an interesting version of chaos. For so long, I tried to find "my style." However, I've learned that my style can be whatever I want for the day. I do get much more use out of my wardrobe if I keep it classy, sophisticated with a touch of edgy and maybe a twinge outdoorsy. ugh. I have spent at least 6 hours searching for the perfect purse. I've got a few picked out now, but who knows if I will ever purchase one. I need help. Or I just need to learn to make a dang purse. I exhaust myself. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Wishlist

Every time the season changes, I end up with a wish list in my mind of items that I'd really like for spring. Usually, it's just something that goes along with the trend, but I always picture it a certain way in my mind. My #1 wish list item right now is an oversized clutch. However, I don't want it structured. I'd like a slouchy, oversized envelope clutch. I'm not having much luck finding one. Oh, plus, a neutral color is a must. Other items for fall:

1. leather pencil or A line skirt
2. striped blazer and cardigan
3. heather grey tights
4. cognac flats
5. burgundy anything
6. And sooo many shoes...

Friday, August 24, 2012


Kieran has turned into a climber. He climbs EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERYTHING! What did I do to deserve this??

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dropping pounds...(hopefully)

I've just started counting calories with a myfitness app on my phone. We'll see how it goes! I'm trying to drop two pounds a week; We shall see!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's been a year...

I can't believe my stinkbug is now a year old. It's been an absolutely crazy year--the hardest, but also the best of my life. I love my little guy more than life itself. We've been in the throes of party planning--pics to come. :) 

Random: We were demonstrating piggie sounds to Kieran right after singing happy birthday to him yesterday. Now, everytime we sing him happy birthday, he makes his version of an oink. I guess that is an appropriate sound, as I'm sure much pigging out will ensue when he gets his cake...

Monday, July 2, 2012


My birthday is in 4 days!! I'm six years old when it comes to my birthday--I can't help it! I love presents; I love cake; and I love time with the people I love. A birthday is the perfect time to combine those three beautiful things. Normally, I have my birthday planned for about six months in advance. This year, I've been spending all of my time planning my little stinkbug's first birthday party! His birthday is 13 days after mine. Thankfully, when the depression of my birthday being over hits, I can focus on the last minute finishing touchups for his bug party! I handmade beetle invitations and am working on all of the party decorations, etc. July is going to be a great month! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stinkbug is now ten months old--as of ten days ago. In some ways, it feels like it has been FOREVER since he was born, forever since I had a day to myself, forever since I woke up to silence rather than cries, and forever since I didn't know what it felt like to be a mom. In other ways, it is absolutely paralyzing to think about how fast it feels like it is going. Planning began about a month ago for my bug's first birthday party. I'm keeping the theme under wraps for the moment. I have already spent over an hour handmaking the first invite. It will start going faster from here now.

                             A snapshot of my guy at ten months old: 

He is stubborn. You can move him away from something (namely the entertainment center and all of those glorifying buttons and lights) 20 times and he will keep going back. He is learning what no means, as he pulls his hands back quickly if we walk towards him. He gets a minute or two in the playpen everytime he touches it. To him, this is utterly devastating. However, not quite devastating enough to keep him going in for another blissful button push. You can move him to another room, even handing him toys he hasn't played with in a long time, and he will head right back into the living room towards the entertainment center. His other blissful haven? The bathroom. He saw me unroll toilet paper and his eyes lit up. He was smitten. Now every time the door is open, he will speed crawl (while squealing) towards the door to stare at the toilet paper and to stand against the edge of the bathtub to stare longingly inside, wishing for water and a way to get into said water. He is also a total and complete ham. He adores strangers and squeals and yacks at them until he gets their full attention. Every great so often he has started playing shy and ducking his head into my shoulder; this lasts for about 5 seconds. Anything action that is followed by a laughter reaction is automatically repeated. He bumps his head; we laugh at his reaction. He does it again. He has started lying flat and laying his head on his arms in a dejected pose when he is frustrated. And, my, oh my, the fits. He started screaming (with a pouty lip) and kicking his legs when I would not feed him ice cream. He had no idea what it was, but he was pretty darn sure he wanted it. When I put it down and tried to pick him up, he slapped my hands away. I have a feeling that while I adore his huge personality now, it is going to make for some hellish toddler years. Oddly enough, I'm still looking forward to them. If we can all survive them, we can make it to the first Science project we get to do together! Sean and I can't wait! My only true lament at this point, he is STILL not sleeping through the night. He gets up 2-3 times a night to nurse. This will be ending shortly, as I have no plans to breastfeed forever and I refuse to give him anything that will cause tooth decay at night. He is a little yacker and yammers away all day. :)

Mama, Daddy, Hi, Dog, (He loves saying, "hi, dog!" to the dogs in the morning), ta-da, more, water, outside, cat, no-no, alligator, "oh, my gosh," "ada" (which is both grandma and grandpa), thank you, ice chest, diaper, bye-bye, and more I can't remember.

Favorite things:
Crawling away naked during diaper changes, his wooden stacker toy, cups full of water (or barley tea?), peekaboo, getting tossed in the air or "dropped," mirrors, baths, the dog kennels, any animal on God's green earth, and food of any kind, crawling, pulling up (on everything) (You have to be careful if you are wearing loose pants as he will pull up on pant legs), walking along furniture, talking, and doing anything dangerous (flinging himself face first off of steps).

I just can't get enough of that little boy. I love you, Stinkbug!!